About us

Who are we?

Onlinekids is a European children's equipment store with headquarters in Denmark. We sell children and baby equipment, as well as toys, furniture and clothing for children between the ages of 0-12.

Onlinekids is a brand with values that go across the products and differentiate ourselves from others.
Values which, in addition to the products' quality and functionality, also describes a culture and our way of being - both to customers, employees and business partners.

We take pride in being honest, professional, committed, modest and polite.


Our goal is

  • To offer products that help make being a parent easier
  • That our selection of toys takes into account children's development through play and which can support parents in relation to the choice of age-appropriate toys
  • To ensure that the products we sell are of a high quality
  • That the products meet the necessary conditions and approvals in relation to use and sale
  • To provide exceptional guidance and customer service
  • To provide a sustainable model for the environment and the outside world
  • To ensure that human rights are respected and that child labor does not occur with our partners
  • To only partners with companies who behave ethically responsible
  • To give back in the form of contributions to organizations that support children, parents and the environment

We select our suppliers who

  • acts ethics and shows accountability
  • shows environmental awareness
  • delivers high quality and great safety standards
  • delivers security and solution-oriented warranty programs
  • resolves product defects or damages in a tolerable manner to the satisfaction of our customers


We select our product range from the following aspects:

  • Toys must take into account children's development in relation to learning, fine and gross motor skills.
  • Products should stimulate children's imagination and foster creativity
  • The manufacturers of clothing and textiles shows environmental awareness, and focuses on ecology and GOTS certification
  • Production is without the use of child labour
  • Products must be safety approved
  • All products go through our professional assessment, with an emphasis on quality and guarantee program

When shipping we focus on the following:

  • Proper packaging of the products to avoid shipping damage
  • Reuse of shipping packaging to protect the environment from unnecessary use of cardboard
  • 99% of all orders are shipped the same day if the order is placed before daily package collection
  • Many different delivery options:
    • Distribution to your home
    • Shipping to your local parcel shop
    • Freight and Pallet transport for larger shipments directly to your door

Amazing advice and Customer Service

  • We are here to help!
  • We have the answer to most questions. If there are questions, we don’t know the answer to, we always try our best to obtain the information we need in order to answer your question. We want to provide a speedy and best possible service for the benefit of both customers and partners
  • We have a dedicated focus on the content on our website being both informative and user-friendly
  • Service doesn’t stop once your order is delivered. We believe that after sales service is at least as important as the initial sale


Security and storage of data
We regard your visit to Onlinekids as a matter of trust, and have a number of initiatives to make data security the best possible when shopping here:


  • SSL security
    All communication to and from the shop is encrypted with secure SSL traffic. In practice, this means that the information you enter, cannot be read by unauthorized persons, and both your address, your card information and the like, are securely handled.
  • Personal Information
    We have a policy of not receiving personal information as. eg. payment card information, social security numbers and the like from you - neither by email nor by phone. These may only be entered directly into our shop system. We are, of course, happy to help guide you to the right place, in case of doubt
  • Deleting accounts and registrations
    It is always possible to delete your user profile. This is done either via your login, or by contacting our customer service team. The same applies to unsubscribing from our newsletters and any other registered communications.
    We take pride in protecting you and your data in the best possible way, and we continue to keep up to date with new relevant security methods.

Our headquarter is placed here: